Which comments by furnace.heart were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

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2018-08-11Looking for a theory about language and perception
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2018-06-22How to quickly air out apartment due to hallway smell.
2018-05-29Does eating a banana change the taste of coffee?
2018-04-03What's your experience with tankless water heaters?
2018-04-03How do I Trader Joe's?
2018-04-01Resources to help a self-employed US digital nomad immigrate to Sweden?
2018-03-16What if dashiki, but not?
2018-03-06I am desperately bored.
2018-02-24Name that tune, round one billion.
2018-02-07ADHD medication for children
2018-02-07ADHD medication for children
2018-02-06Costume ideas for a Twin Peaks-themed party?
2018-02-05How much safer are newer cars?
2018-01-29So You Just Got Your Genome Sequenced...