Which comments by cooker girl were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

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2016-08-30Strangest Thingsest
2016-08-29Strangest Thingsest
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2016-04-27Honda CRV vs. Accord: help me sort my thoughts so I can get a car!
2016-04-19How can I "just do what I want" when I don't know what I want?
2016-04-19How can I "just do what I want" when I don't know what I want?
2016-04-19Where did this light fixture come from?
2016-04-19Soil Test for heavy metals?
2016-04-13Help me avoid the WASP trap.
2016-03-13Tick Tock
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2016-01-17Formal Wear for the Big Man