Which comments by anonymisc were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-10-19Daily life in the USSR
2016-10-11Putting better behavior into practice.
2016-10-09Computing for preppers
2016-09-21How do I move a small amount of household goods from overseas?
2016-08-29Strangest Thingsest
2016-08-29Strangest Thingsest
2016-08-24ebooks with no credit card and other snowflakes
2016-07-29Makers, what to do with extra parts/never completed projects?
2016-07-27The rites and rituals of sport
2016-07-22Wherever you go, there you are
2016-06-21The permanent dead skin has got to go...
2016-02-17Why are U.S. homeowners responsible for sidewalks, but not roads?
2016-02-12What is a meaningful "years of service" award for a programmer?
2016-02-09Cycle commuting in London for terrified beginners
2016-02-05Shaking up my comfort zone
2016-01-23Ok to still be friends with someone you have slept with in the past?
2016-01-21how to handle a mean friend?
2016-01-20A name for this phenomenon.
2016-01-09Natural Science Fun Facts!
2016-01-06If I didn't need food to live, I probably wouldn't eat