Which comments by fedward were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-27Can we drink the bubbly from last NYE?
2018-12-20Not the fine motor skills I was hoping for
2018-11-22You put the rabbit in the hat...
2018-10-10How can you legally own wine before you know how much wine you need?
2018-10-01How often should I be replacing my brake rotors?
2018-09-28Prep me for a fancy hotel
2018-09-16Help me cut steaks or shish kebabs on the grill for my FIL's birthday
2018-08-27Why do cooktops cost more than ranges?
2018-08-24Cooking filter: term for a sub-recipe?
2018-08-23I'm a Mac-only web developer. How do you Windows?
2018-08-07Where to watch the Perseid meteor shower near Garden City, Utah?
2018-07-31Should I get a non-digital camera for my 4 year old?
2018-07-25Help me ID this Broadway song -- possibly Sondehim?
2018-07-16Quirky, Indie Greeting Cards
2018-07-15Portable chair recommendations
2018-05-28looking for dishwasher recommendations, installation experiences please
2018-05-23Help me get caught up on web front end dev trends and best practices
2018-05-012nd best way to start new garden beds?
2018-04-29Will an SSD drive make a 2007 MacBook Pro worth keeping around?
2018-04-2616 Story House of Cards?
2018-04-23sony laptop battery replacement
2018-04-18Help, I accidentally bought a weird cheese
2018-04-16Helpful hints for a roll-your-own email newsletter?
2018-04-10We woke up with a KitchenAid saying "How the hell did this shit happen?"
2018-04-09What kind of haircut do I want?
2018-03-04What songs does everyone recognize, but not know?
2018-02-25Apple ID TFA disaster. Next steps?
2018-02-25Apple ID TFA disaster. Next steps?
2018-02-23How do I get in shape to enjoy my vacation?
2018-02-12Explain it like I'm 5: Home-buying edition
2018-02-05Brotherly discord
2018-01-31Do I really need to make an under-insured motorist claim?
2018-01-30For the storage nerds in the audience...
2018-01-30Foodie seeks cooking challenges!
2018-01-30Foodie seeks cooking challenges!
2018-01-28Making a Windows 10 bootable thumbdrive using a Mac
2018-01-24Now extended through [date]!
2018-01-23To update the OS X or not
2018-01-18What Do I Do With These Old Macs
2018-01-09Why can't I see embedded social media posts?
2018-01-06Need help finding a kitchen island/prep table that meets our needs