Which comments by jon1270 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

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2016-04-24Communication is too hard. I almost want to stop speaking altogether.
2016-04-11Name! That! Plant!
2016-04-10Help needed with constantly filing toilet tank
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2016-03-20how to make a pallet wall without nailing?
2016-03-08What is the best solution for my work schedule?
2016-03-04Need bright, wide-angle lights for can fixtures in low-ceiling space
2016-03-04Time and Energy to Paint/Craft with a Dayjob
2016-03-03Can I safely (for me and the roof) use a ladder on my porch roof?
2016-02-11Cannot start the battery. Battery!
2016-01-30New 10 month rescue puppy from pound. Help with dog parenting?
2016-01-16Is This Blender Salvageable?
2016-01-07are my dining table requirements outlandish?