Which comments by Metroid Baby were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-18Valentine's Day on Etsy
2016-12-14Christmas gift ideas for people I like but don't know well
2016-12-09Managing time with a baby
2016-12-08Help me understand my introverted(?) friends better
2016-11-1780s songs that suddenly seem oddly relevant?
2016-10-20Best post-debate Nasty Woman T shirt?
2016-09-16He loves me, but he can't open up
2016-09-08Come on, kid, please just... try?
2016-08-31How to encourage a budding artist
2016-08-22Getting your hair dry *and* being a good girlfriend?
2016-08-19Organizing men's clothes
2016-08-02Examples of "regional" common knowledge
2016-08-02Examples of "regional" common knowledge
2016-08-02my cat might have eaten a chocolate croissant
2016-07-21Big nasties
2016-07-20It Seems to Me that "Maybe" Pretty Much Always Means "No"
2016-07-06Eclectic/quirky shopping in Boston
2016-06-22Snappy comebacks for when people joke about my name
2016-06-22You can't make me! o(>< )o
2016-06-09Sick & sexified exercise music videos
2016-06-07Identify round metal whatsit thingamabobber?
2016-06-05How to stop wanting things: practical advice
2016-06-02You can pick your nose, and you can pick your cat, but can your cat...?
2016-06-02What non-string instrument should I learn to play?
2016-05-22Should we give daughter special education or let her be who she is?
2016-05-20How to handle an eager employee if you can't afford their help?
2016-05-19How can you tell if you're being manipulative?
2016-05-07Help me respond to self-described "fangirls" freaking out about me!
2016-04-14Distracting talk during Scrabble. Good strategy? Just a thing?
2016-04-07Hair Cut??? Shivers
2016-03-31Which neighborhood?
2016-03-30Email etiquette and expectations for night owls?
2016-03-26Malodorous Shea Butter on Thin Skin
2016-02-25Is this Ok, Cupid?
2016-02-23Is two weeks too young for a road trip to Death Valley?
2016-01-28I do not like foods with creamy mouth-feels. I want to start liking them
2016-01-22how to handle a mean friend?
2016-01-21Please help this very infrequent flyer.
2016-01-18Crafting etiquette and intellectual property
2016-01-14muscle memory, don't send me to people.com again
2016-01-11How does a comfort loving wimp toughen up? Winter exercise edition.
2016-01-09Help me understand socialization at work.
2016-01-06If I didn't need food to live, I probably wouldn't eat
2016-01-06Best yarn for dog sweaters for daily wear?