Which comments by Metroid Baby were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

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2017-12-15Help for a month without added sugar.
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2017-08-23Do I need to lose these 7lbs? (Content warning for weight loss)
2017-08-18Flip flop failure | Sandal setback
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2017-07-11UK - Nice quality children's furniture please
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2017-06-07Why does Tiffany sing "I can change your heartbeef?"
2017-06-05I feel bullied; he feels confident
2017-05-19Dress Filter: Wedding Guest while Nursing edition
2017-05-08What's wrong with me?
2017-05-07Running and Working and Nonstinking
2017-04-22"She's going for distance, she's going for speed..."
2017-03-31Seeking: Guys who don't check out women
2017-03-29Talking to landlord about lead
2017-03-16This is all very puzzling to me
2017-03-10Where can I find cute, colorful, crazy kids' clothes FOR ADULTS?
2017-03-10Where can I find cute, colorful, crazy kids' clothes FOR ADULTS?
2017-03-10Attic rooms in Boston
2017-02-20Life begins at 30
2017-02-14What to wear while wedding dress shopping?
2017-01-26What is the name for this house style?
2017-01-15Should I move across the country?
2017-01-11When is a wedding ring not a wedding ring?
2017-01-11Do I have to attend a wedding if the bride hosted my engagement party?
2017-01-05Into the garbage chute, flyboy!