Which comments by pseudostrabismus were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-27How to deal with men's negative humor?
2018-12-23Quit playing with fire!!
2018-12-20What do you think about group interviews?
2018-12-19Random Person: "Eat This" Me: "Okay!"
2018-11-15How do I get saucier?
2018-11-15How do I get saucier?
2018-11-10How to have a good weekend
2018-11-07A Cleaner Empire In Just Two Weeks....
2018-11-05Things to think about
2018-10-20soup short cuts
2018-10-18Allergic traveller in Southeast Asia
2018-10-11cleanse me!
2018-10-05emotional boundary with new housemate!
2018-10-01Tips for managing anxiety related to compliments
2018-09-27Why does my cat love this paleo pancake mix?
2018-08-20Block party birthday ideas (little kid edition)
2018-08-14How to travel with chronic pain
2018-08-14How to travel with chronic pain
2018-08-05How to be taken seriously as a professional while networking
2018-08-01New boundaries in my new apartment (for same old mom)
2018-07-28Fiddleleaf fig assassin: If I fits I pee on it edition
2018-07-28No interest in food except thin liquids. Help!
2018-06-30Selling or trading in a 2012 MacBook Air with "service battery" message
2018-06-29Ukulele group activities
2018-05-11Patiently Dating
2018-05-11Patiently Dating
2018-04-24How do I know what healthy *feels* like?
2018-04-23[Job] Offer I can't refuse?
2018-04-21get a life; or, another emotional labor question
2018-04-21Outfitting a 13-year-old for independent travel to Spain this summer
2018-04-17Portland, OR dust cleaning and landlord issue
2018-04-16Testing for bee venom allergies before my honey wings it as a beekeeper
2018-04-10Hiding Morning Sickness on Work Trip
2018-03-28Friends w/ kids will visit for a week. I have no kids. How do I prep?
2018-03-26Toronto restaurant recommendations?
2018-03-20Vet Fiction That Isn't James Herriot, But For Real Now
2018-03-16What kind of body is Boden designed for?
2018-03-08How to not be rude when I need to stop talking to you
2018-03-02I'm a lazy vegetarian.
2018-02-28ham! ham! ham!
2018-02-28Help me catch up on the great movies of the last 10 years!
2018-02-24Friendly office mate suddenly cold
2018-02-22Maintaining energy levels after adrenaline rush
2018-02-22Should I let ex take me out for dinner if he makes a stink about paying?
2018-02-21How does team commentating work?
2018-02-18What to do when a tenant says they have bed bugs?
2018-02-16Effective phrasing for boundary-setting?
2018-02-15When Your Teen Starts Dating: Protocols
2018-02-11Why does my cat want marshmallows?
2018-02-03Productivity when your body says "no"
2018-02-01Waking Up in Vegas (with snacks)
2018-01-31Icebreaker-type questions for coworkers
2018-01-31Exposed to adenovirus, any way to prevent illness?
2018-01-30Foodie seeks cooking challenges!
2018-01-27Can badgers swim across one's moat?
2018-01-23Formal business wear - maternity edition
2018-01-18filling foods that do ok unrefrigerated. for the plane.
2018-01-18Vintage flats
2018-01-16we are all enough, hopefully, hypothetically
2018-01-13Ways to stop clenching my fists while I sleep
2018-01-08Online dating, I ask him for coffee, he agrees, then brings up psychosis
2018-01-05Is there any other geographic region like the Great Lakes region?