Which comments by Huck500 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

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2016-10-25Old Speaker & Bluetooth
2016-08-291TB+ Online Storage
2016-07-22I want to buy a Mac laptop, just not one that exists
2016-07-10You know, just a basic Unicorn Camera.
2016-07-04ideas for dinner for 6 near Disneyland,ages 13-50?
2016-04-25Dentist in DC for a custom night guard
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2016-03-30What don't I understand about Apple Airport?
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2016-03-11Work Peer Keeps Doing my Job; Help.
2016-03-06Coming to terms with a messy breakup
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2016-02-24Buying an New Computer (Apple Desktop). Looking for Options...
2016-02-05Vet time?
2016-02-02Lost handwritten font (?)
2016-01-15Best balance of quality and cost in current crop of TVs
2016-01-06If I didn't need food to live, I probably wouldn't eat
2016-01-02Questions about my power company's peak usage electrical billing