Which comments by trig were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-25Masks, masks, masks
2021-12-22Omicron justifies wait?
2021-12-22Omicron justifies wait?
2021-12-08COVID shots for someone with metal allergy
2021-12-06panicking, need sanity check
2021-12-05You're Not the Boss of Me
2021-12-05You're Not the Boss of Me
2021-11-06How to get curved text from Inkscape to Gimp without fuzz?
2021-10-11What should I do for an editing class?
2021-10-08Rules of Pronouncing Foreign names in English
2021-09-28lightweight iPhone for someone with neuropathy?
2021-09-16calling all annoyed helpdesk people
2021-09-06Bookfinder: Children's book with Black boy not allowed to dance
2021-09-05odd woman out
2021-09-03How can a non-tech-savvy older woman avoid catfishers/scammers?
2021-09-03Functioning the day after interrupted sleep?
2021-07-20A Biblliophile's Dream, A Mover's Nightmare
2021-07-12How do you financially manage your college freshman?
2021-07-10When should you write the subject line of an email?
2021-07-08Ownership of chores and maintenance in a relationship
2021-07-05Boundaries for unintentional boundary-crossers
2021-07-05TV Romance?
2021-07-01Is it normal for a plumber to show up outside of scheduled appointments?
2021-06-24Am I blocking myself from jobs with NoScript?
2021-06-23Not breaking a lease so much as a conscious uncoupling
2021-06-16I would like to not rent everything listeny.
2021-06-06Book recommendations: likable characters, good writing, humor
2021-06-02Book recommendations: likable characters, good writing, humor
2021-06-02Valtaren PRN?
2021-05-15Contribution of a woman to Post Its? Or not?
2021-05-13Make my home feel like not that home
2021-04-10Common assault?
2021-04-06Taught not Learned: Correcting Someone Else's Word Choice
2021-03-06What to expect during a sleep study?
2021-03-04Is it reasonable to ask a serious string player to use a mute?
2021-03-03My neck only hurts when I sleep
2021-02-24"How do I manage a ""timid"" disposition in the working world?"
2021-02-09sleeping arrangement help for knee?
2021-01-28Searching Google Drive for a partial number
2021-01-27New Smartphone Recommendations?
2021-01-24How to serve leftover pizza at breakfast?
2021-01-21"What is this kids book about an ""indoor toilet that doesn't stink""?"
2021-01-21"What is this kids book about an ""indoor toilet that doesn't stink""?"