Which comments by trig were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

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2022-12-28Is this normal medical tomfoolery or something beyond?
2022-12-19Trouble in BFF-land: parenting version
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2022-12-11Outside the box gifts
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2022-12-04Plane tickets on short notice
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2022-11-17Who else can I contact!
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2022-11-10A nuance of the meaning . .
2022-10-11Best way to absorb water
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2022-09-11Why are ethnonyms and nationalities proper nouns?
2022-09-08Upgraded Sewing Machine Help
2022-09-05what is this show?
2022-08-18how to accept partner's apology and move on
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2022-08-04Sources to support campaign for disability-friendly city?
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2022-07-12Neurodivergent parenting help
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2022-03-29"Is this sentence grammatically ""correct""?"
2022-03-21Another COVID Gut-Check Ask
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2022-03-10Should I stay (at home) or should I go (back to work)?
2022-03-01Help me talk to - and reassure - my spouse about Ukraine
2022-02-25Cognitive dissonance about my marriage, what is the reality?
2022-02-24Cognitive dissonance about my marriage, what is the reality?
2022-02-22mod Win laptop touchpad taps (that aren't baked into driver)?
2022-02-22self care or selfishness?
2022-02-16How did Germans name elements?
2022-02-13PayPal won't accept my credit union account
2022-02-01How to assess Covid risk for young children?
2022-01-25is it ok that this pissed me off?
2022-01-22They had had to find a way to talk about this in other languages.
2022-01-17Symtomatic and can't reach my supervisor
2022-01-12Covid: quarantine from roommate after peak omicron cross-country flight?
2022-01-11Should I quit the student union?