Which comments by chesty_a_arthur were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-17Should I access free ID theft insurance and monitoring?
2019-12-04Covering gray/white hair
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2019-08-31Ok, doctor, what's next?
2019-08-30Reverberating throughout history
2019-08-27What are the pros and cons of giving your kid a debit card?
2019-08-25What are your best baby redirects?
2019-08-18Copyeditor help, please
2019-08-13Where can I find clothing like Roselinlin?
2019-08-05Which spelling alphabet should I learn?
2019-08-05Which spelling alphabet should I learn?
2019-07-19How does Room and Board upholstered furniture hold up long-term?
2019-07-18When all is lost, be your own raft
2019-07-14Where to find online support for noncoastals with life difficulties?
2019-07-12What Shoes Are These?
2019-07-11Looking for my perfect sandal
2019-07-05lightweight non-sweater-y cardigans
2019-06-28How Kafkaesque is it to run a commercial business out of one's own home?
2019-06-20Ear Protectors / Headphones for Talky Office
2019-06-13I Once Had a Pair of Flowing, Loose, Silky, Bohemian Pants - Need Name
2019-06-09I have x, therefore I am x-ed
2019-05-13I need a name that personifies rigorous testing
2019-05-13Help me pay my rent
2019-05-13Help me pay my rent
2019-04-20How to Quick Pay?
2019-04-19Sources of awesome cards?
2019-04-06Cloven hoof prints turn up in the garden.
2019-03-01What about paraprofessionals in drug rehab and mental health?
2019-02-08Non-resident income tax issues (how exciting)
2019-01-01AAVE “lite”? Question about slang appropriation