Which comments by EmpressCallipygos were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-31Best red wine for beef stew?
2020-12-30I wish to know the timeline of the current US funding bill.
2020-12-09Watch acting behind the scenes
2020-12-09Making up and making of.
2020-12-06Country Song about Session Musician Who Wagers his Soul
2020-12-05Watch acting behind the scenes
2020-11-25Hard drive suddenly wiped....mostly?
2020-11-22Thanksgiving Dinner in a Slow Cooker
2020-11-16soup for my family - can I eat it?
2020-11-13Armenian charities in a time of conflict
2020-11-08What will happen now that the elections are over?
2020-11-03How am I being scammed? (or am I?)
2020-11-01Election Day Safety & Situational Awareness (NYC ed)
2020-10-16People with lisps speaking without lisping?
2020-10-14What does everyone do to deal with differing views with family?
2020-10-14This is not my first Christmas askme question
2020-09-21How can I scent laundry without soap or dryer sheets?
2020-09-18Best speeches/ monologues/ rants of all time!
2020-09-01Help me unf*ck my kitchen floor
2020-08-28Is this laptop ... mine now?
2020-08-26Three Pasta Shapes for the Elven-kings
2020-08-24Life and Dreams in Limbo Due to Covid-19
2020-08-20Twitter blocking sprees: Worthwhile anti-hate move, or waste of time?
2020-08-19Stuffed animal for an adult
2020-08-18fresh oregano, worth the effort?
2020-07-31New ways to cook Pinto Beans. So many pinto beans
2020-07-24Snowflakes need help managing heat and humidity
2020-07-10Help me prepare now for a long, dark COVID winter
2020-07-08How do I say thanks but no thanks to someone after a date?
2020-07-07Coping with sleeping 4 hours per night?
2020-06-29NYC in the 80s, yuppie person edition?
2020-06-29Do you have a recipe from a favorite book?
2020-06-29Do you have a recipe from a favorite book?
2020-06-11How to deal with a grumpy, hostile neighbor
2020-06-08how i learned to stop worrying and enjoy cooking
2020-05-31National Parks in Utah
2020-05-2830-40 person gathering in September
2020-05-27What is my decor style? Do I have one? Please give me inspiration.
2020-05-26Can you help me up my bath game?
2020-05-12Why am I having this recurring negative dream about my dead Dad?
2020-05-03How much water!?
2020-04-29Take the cake
2020-04-29Take the cake
2020-04-01Hello smol cake fren
2020-03-28Covid-19, Craigslist and NextDoor
2020-03-24Can you help me pronounce this last name?
2020-03-19Love in the time of coronavirus
2020-03-11Freecycle for archives and old publications?
2020-03-11Seeking the perfect receptacle for lasagna
2020-02-28It's not hoarding, it's planning: possible pandemic pantry edition.
2020-01-11Help Me Use My Fancy New Journal For Goal-Setting