Which comments by EmpressCallipygos were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-16Help me trap the craftiest mouse
2021-12-14Where would you move to if you wanted a long-term career on the snow?
2021-11-22Sketchy Covid testing, or maybe they aren't sketchy
2021-11-09Best Documentaries about the Universe?
2021-11-01How to choose the right maid of honor with some conflicting factors...
2021-10-26Tips for getting cat to eat?
2021-10-21Poems about makers
2021-10-15Is Fishy Tea Fishy?
2021-10-11Attempted scam in progress! Need self-defense maneuvers
2021-10-11 Who are the Top 100 famous Britons who care about refugees?
2021-09-23COVID travel, this time, Amtrak NE Corridor
2021-09-17What to do with extra apples?
2021-09-10"What's that smell? ""La Source"" by Crabtree and Evelyn"
2021-09-07"The Great ""Changes Made to Account"" Mystery"
2021-09-04ISO the fanciest mildly dowdy nightgowns
2021-09-02What should I make from Cucina Fresca?
2021-07-12Looking for the name of a film about a boy and partisans in WW II
2021-07-06Non-metallic gold yarn for crochet shawl
2021-07-06Non-metallic gold yarn for crochet shawl
2021-07-01J&J vax question
2021-06-29Using up (NOT freezing) lots of basil without lots of fat?
2021-06-25Nutmeg novice needs nutritional (k)nowledge
2021-06-22How to become a person who just goes out and does things?
2021-06-11Apartment in Brooklyn - looks great, want to check my feelings
2021-06-09Can one practise to be patient?
2021-06-01Help me name and find inspiration for my home aesthetic
2021-05-28"How to respond to ""won't you be bored?"" job interview question."
2021-05-28Nothing left in my tank
2021-04-21What strange things has your dog eaten?
2021-04-12Is my ADHD medication working?
2021-04-11How to contest a sky-high utility bill?
2021-03-11Short films as an introduction to cinema?
2021-03-10Endless headaches - looking for an osteopath in Brooklyn/NY area
2021-03-10Birth Announcement for Neighbors?
2021-03-09No salt, no spice, no fun food
2021-02-28Why are there no comedy vicars in American sitcoms?
2021-02-24Should I get the vaccine right now?
2021-02-24Should I get the vaccine right now?
2021-02-22 Bring her up to speed on Hartford CT.
2021-02-22Ballad-y songs with a happy story please
2021-02-20Ballad-y songs with a happy story please
2021-01-29What are your favorite recipes involving ground beef?
2021-01-26Best life upgrades in a pandemic world?
2021-01-22"Scam phone call. Gave no info but I pressed ""1"" like an idiot. Now what?"
2021-01-15What post-surgery goodies should I leave in my friends' fridge?