Which comments by HotToddy were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-27all I want to do is broil a damned cauliflower gratin, why is this hard
2018-12-22Meeting daughter's partner first time xmas
2018-12-11Bitter Tea
2018-12-10Would you eat this?
2018-11-21Settling in on Crone Island
2018-10-23What questions help you with organizing and decluttering?
2018-10-18Left Tabbouleh out overnight - is it still safe?
2018-10-03People who never use the internet: why/how?
2018-08-31Help me choose a handy household hobby
2018-07-26Physical expressions of affection, pls
2018-07-13What else can I clean?
2018-07-13What else can I clean?
2018-04-03The touch, the feel, the forgotten: where can I buy non-stretch pants?
2018-04-01Christmas in Spring
2018-03-31Cat Dentalfilter
2018-02-23BFF's dog died in tragic accident; how to best show sympathy/support?
2018-02-05Creme Less-than-Fraiche?
2018-02-02What's vegetarian for "This is a special family celebration?"
2018-01-17Research on controlling sexual desire
2018-01-03Help finding easy dress patterns for older kids