Which comments by HotToddy were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-27Seeking strength training workout videos that are actually fun?
2021-12-18I’m having post engagement anxiety…
2021-12-15Should I feel guilty about my sister’s wedding 5 years ago?
2021-10-25your favorite inept aspiring writer is back...
2021-10-07Help - Neighbor’s laundry is gonna kill me
2021-09-12CBD & me
2021-08-26How to use up tomato paste?
2021-07-23I've had two shots (Moderna, in March) thought I was bulletproof. Nope.
2021-05-09On-Line Backgammon Games
2021-04-17Should I eat this: Bread Pudding Edition
2021-04-17My dog and baby rabbit. Help.
2021-04-04How much should I worry? Oven air in face/eyes.
2021-03-20Help with a doggy “toddler tantrum”
2021-03-20Help with a doggy “toddler tantrum”
2021-03-15Name change to a chosen last name - anecdotal experiences?
2021-03-04Hope me choose front doorknob finish
2021-03-02It rubs the lotion on its skin...
2021-02-20Learning to adult in middle age
2021-01-11Help me be paranoid in the right direction
2021-01-07What are some things that make you laugh every time you think of them?