Which comments by phunniemee were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-28You aren't who you think you are...
2016-12-13I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay ...
2016-12-10Depictions of geniuses in movies & on TV
2016-12-08If I can't get the shoes, how about a nice um-ber-ella?
2016-12-07Holiday Nut Clusters
2016-12-02Pirate. Cat. Socks.
2016-11-29Should I try to "grow" feelings for this person or listen to my anxiety?
2016-11-23Help me learn how to girlfriend
2016-11-22Truckstop cappuccino recommendations
2016-11-22Truckstop cappuccino recommendations
2016-11-21Yet another Men's Lotion Question
2016-11-212016 Personal finance software
2016-11-16I'm gonna need some dog treats for this
2016-11-13Help Me Fit in at the Gun Range
2016-11-07can't believe I'm using an AskMe for this but...
2016-11-03ISO adults who adult
2016-10-30Does universal velcro exist? Or some other non-polar fastener?
2016-10-26I accidentally named myself after an acquaintance. Help?
2016-10-24What you said upset me, because I actually do care
2016-10-24the appearance of delight while fantasizing about the kill
2016-10-18Indoor toys for an active 3 year old?
2016-10-14My boyfriend doesn't like life with me and our baby.
2016-10-11Help me trick out my new office
2016-10-10Dating someone who jokes too much
2016-10-01Give me a reason why I shouldn't snip this label...
2016-09-23What must I do with misdirected mail?
2016-09-20How weird was this interaction in my undergrad lab today?
2016-09-07Name badges for kids.
2016-09-06The Bestest, Artsiest Halloween Cards (That I Can Afford to Make)
2016-08-24ebooks with no credit card and other snowflakes
2016-08-18What shape are the numbers?
2016-08-15YouTube channels that will inspire my 3-year-old daughter to make stuff
2016-08-12It's Like Herding Cats
2016-08-10How do I apply for a job, when the last time I did I was assaulted?
2016-08-03Is it better for a fitted baseball hat to be too big or too small?
2016-08-01How do I answer the (apartment building) door with a newborn?
2016-07-18Did my carpet cleaner just tell me he was on drugs?
2016-06-29Help with creepy shower curtain liner
2016-06-06More collaborative puzzle-solving opportunities like Post Hunt?
2016-05-19How can you tell if you're being manipulative?
2016-05-18Should I stay and help or should I go?
2016-05-17Sick of missing appointments due to quite Android Calendar
2016-05-10Help me find another car
2016-05-05Do you have a favorite can opener?
2016-05-05Is my OKCupid okay, cupids?
2016-05-04Do I mention a nasty personal rumor to a colleague at work?
2016-04-27Thanks for the lend of your dust magnet
2016-04-21What's the best place to buy general-purpose sneakers?
2016-04-15What is the name of this movie?
2016-04-05Short Story Book Club
2016-03-30How do you make a splendid cup of tea?
2016-03-29Locations in Chicago
2016-03-29My husband won't listen to me talk about work
2016-03-23How to make a group signed shirt look cooler?
2016-03-18To Catch A Petty Thief
2016-03-14Let's play yurt!
2016-03-04Orthostatic Hypotension's Got Me Down
2016-03-01Seeking lighting hacks for tiny home office
2016-02-29Down and Dirty way to Pack Posters Flat for Moving and Storing
2016-02-25Elderly Parents + iPad - Computer = ???
2016-02-23Help me find two songs from the impossible soundtrack
2016-02-23Office Newsletter - what would you include?
2016-02-20Yet another special snowflake lunch question.
2016-02-16Help me find two songs from the impossible soundtrack
2016-02-15I need some kids puppet show on-liner plot ideas!
2016-02-11Relearning leash training for a nervous dog
2016-02-10Getting off the gravy train
2016-02-09Can I get another IUD...
2016-02-08how do i transport my cat from nyc to montreal?
2016-02-08how do i transport my cat from nyc to montreal?
2016-02-05Shaking up my comfort zone
2016-02-03in through the other door
2016-02-03American Girl conundrum - help me shop!!
2016-02-01In search of organizational peace while living on the road
2016-01-28Help me find the perfect everyday crossbody bag?
2016-01-26Question about TV interviews conducted through an interpeter
2016-01-25Ow, she bit me! What'd you expect fairies to do?
2016-01-19sunscreen for indoor outdoor wedding
2016-01-18How to bring up body odor issue to family member?