Which comments by phunniemee were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-29What was the previous homeowner doing with all of this propane?
2018-12-18A scar I hate is looking even worse
2018-12-10Recommendations for kid-friendly solo board or card games
2018-10-25Baby, it's cold outside
2018-10-24Creativefilter: Add verses to my lullaby
2018-10-22Online photo contest help help help
2018-10-18Appointment Book Terminology, Or: What Is Today
2018-10-17How to get creative with a zombie costume?
2018-10-17How to get creative with a zombie costume?
2018-10-05Feminist romance movies for thirtysomething women sick of men's bullshit
2018-10-05The truth about power-cycling routers & modems
2018-09-25How to replicate these printed wood signs?
2018-09-19Advice on how to make an angler fish mask
2018-09-13Looking for Reading Materials for a 2nd/3rd Grade Level
2018-09-06How do I correct address a person with maybe two last names or maybe not
2018-09-05What are your great kid friendly restaurant experiences?
2018-08-22Pretty Fabrics, Papers and other Backgrounds!
2018-08-07Turning 25, Let the Crisis Begin
2018-07-26How safe are Money Orders?
2018-07-18The best single-pocket small bag money can buy.
2018-07-08What is this on the drumsticks of my chicken?
2018-07-06"Robot Music" for a five year-old
2018-07-05Car maintenance on a shoestring
2018-07-01Should I go?
2018-06-28Help me get my stank... off?
2018-06-25Suggestions on how to create trivia questions
2018-06-21Portable AC experiences?
2018-06-20Personal Finance Software (2018 Edition)
2018-06-19Almond croissants vs almonds and croissants?
2018-06-16Bleach blunder
2018-06-15Where/how can I find a virtual body-double for productivity?
2018-06-11lettering question
2018-05-17"Not qualified" for job at former office?
2018-05-14Lease ended, now on month-to-month; how to negotiate for a lease? (NY)
2018-05-14Textile stamp on fabric - what kinds of inks will work?
2018-05-14Best cake recipe for spherical cake?
2018-04-20Let's keep in touch?
2018-04-20Specific eyedrops to relieve eye pain after crying?
2018-04-19Help me headbang
2018-04-17How to Sell My Rubber Stamps & Stamp Accessories
2018-04-16Are hydrogen peroxide soaks safe?
2018-04-10Candle Company Concern
2018-03-27Meeting new people - why do they not ask questions about me?
2018-03-26grease is the word
2018-03-22Nothing as scary as a bunch of bored tweens...
2018-03-14Big Fluffy White Comforter or Duvet
2018-03-13Alternate term for "dinosaur" and alternate names for dinosaurs?
2018-03-06Manicure etiquette?
2018-02-18ID the Actor
2018-02-16Chicago: Where to see Black Panther on opening day
2018-02-13There Are Worse Problems To Have.
2018-02-08Oh You Beautiful Doll
2018-02-05Undercooked salmon, recooked. Can I eat this?
2018-01-31Icebreaker-type questions for coworkers
2018-01-24Now extended through [date]!
2018-01-24Charity ideas: early education for children of color in the US
2018-01-23Formal business wear - maternity edition
2018-01-15Living in an extended stay building as a tenant