Which comments by phunniemee were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

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2019-10-15What kind of birthday cake would you like?
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2019-08-23How do you buy nice things?
2019-08-02dagnabbit not again
2019-07-01Futuristic sci-fi for youths
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2019-05-31Non-scary reasons to get called back after a pap smear
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2019-04-17Adventures of Wade and Henry, part one
2019-04-15Just tell me what laptop to buy
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2019-03-22Unplanned new car purchase
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2019-03-18Maintaining cyber privacy while online dating
2019-03-07How can the NHS help with my (dust mite/seasonal) allergies?
2019-02-23I wish to reduce a multihundred page PDF document.
2019-01-30Girl Scout Cookie Prices
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2019-01-22Can I figure out how to handle this unpleasant dissection lab?
2019-01-16Is having a colonoscopy without sedation a stupid idea?
2019-01-04Help for new Mac user
2019-01-02Unfried Sanibel Seafood?