Which comments by phunniemee were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-23Pulsing noise in the walls
2020-12-15I need to collect short sound clips from a bunch of technophobes. How?
2020-12-07welp, this is awkward
2020-12-05Advice for Compacting Items in Photograph?
2020-12-04Baking question: Color crust?
2020-12-04My data may have been stolen!
2020-11-30When does the dog need to come inside?
2020-11-11Help me ID a place in London from a TV show
2020-11-04Looking for gifts that are flat and thin, useful/consumable, but special
2020-11-03Help me wake up better!
2020-10-22Mounting tape that actually works?
2020-10-20Show me the writing on the wall
2020-10-19Spooky season / horror movies for a tough crowd
2020-10-13Care and Feeding of Masks
2020-10-07Massively screwed up- threw out my ballot return envelope
2020-10-07Need help finding a small dish
2020-10-06Help me buy a TV
2020-10-06What did I do to my mac and cheese?!?
2020-10-05Favorite adult advent calendars?
2020-10-01Something tastes like victory!
2020-09-15Do you buy a house before or after starting a new job?
2020-09-14Birthday movie for 11 year old-fantasy or medieval edition.
2020-09-14search term for t shirt type & general transmasc clothing advice
2020-08-29How does this weird insurance plan work?
2020-08-26What do I watch after Criminal Minds?
2020-08-17Paying for bridesmaid dress for a wedding I'm not going to. What to do?
2020-08-12Another career promotion conversation question...
2020-08-12Another career promotion conversation question...
2020-08-12Another career promotion conversation question...
2020-08-08Life in a suburban house vs. downtown apartment?
2020-08-06Why does nothing come in vibrant jewel tones?
2020-08-05Help me prepare a simple-ish Mexican dish for my dude
2020-07-29Great Culture to Screen Culture
2020-07-24Snowflakes need help managing heat and humidity
2020-07-22Help me figure out how to make a model of this tent
2020-07-10Amazon account breached, how to deal with aftermath?
2020-07-05Where are the Clorox Wipes?
2020-06-24"I have the dumbest question: is the MLK ""white moderate"" part well known"
2020-06-18I can’t erase the past, so now what?
2020-06-09What to tell the other driver's insurance company?
2020-06-02Power output from 4k monitor not enough to charge Laptop
2020-05-31National Parks in Utah
2020-05-31Give me back my name
2020-05-26Chicago Vet filter: Who is the best vet in Chicago?
2020-05-19And then what happened?
2020-05-1230 birthday puns
2020-05-1230 birthday puns
2020-05-1230 birthday puns
2020-04-24Can I use a beard trimmer to cut my hair?
2020-04-06Good natured neighborhood pranks/jokes
2020-04-01Hello smol cake fren
2020-03-26Chocolate chip cookies with bread flour?
2020-03-17unemployment form question
2020-03-03ISO: reasonable sanitizing routine for a condo dweller with a toddler
2020-02-24Help me in my quest for identification and understanding...
2020-02-14Describe the experience of disliking a work of art