Which comments by phunniemee were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-30Can I Eat It? Opened Applesauce Jar, Unrefrigerated
2021-12-25How do you organize and prioritize your reading queue?
2021-12-22Warm up basement apartment by insulating (covering) single-pane windows
2021-12-15Where do I go after Wells Fargo? Looking for a new brokerage.
2021-12-13my workplace is becoming a super spreader site
2021-12-09Where can I find youthful shoes in adult sizes?
2021-12-08How to tell distanced sister (39F) I (29F) am engaged?
2021-11-29What's the stupidest holiday sausage gift basket?
2021-11-28Group gift ideas that are inclusive of a blind and autistic 6 year old
2021-11-22Sketchy Covid testing, or maybe they aren't sketchy
2021-11-16How do you print articles in 2021?
2021-11-06What's my style called?
2021-11-04Remote jobs for OOL people
2021-10-27James Bond 007 themed halloween house? Limited materials and time.
2021-10-25How to come to peace with low salary increase
2021-10-18ISO children's/YA/teen horror books
2021-10-12Became alienated from many friends over the past 5 years
2021-09-29Save this Slimy Squash
2021-09-28My 10 yr old got a credit card offer in the mail. What the actual..?
2021-09-25Names for a litter of kittens
2021-09-25Website (or app) for turning a bad day around
2021-09-22Name that tune - with cuttlefish
2021-09-17What type of art frame is this?
2021-09-13Any chance to fix this phone?
2021-09-13There's Gonna Be A Jailbreak...Eventually
2021-09-12it's another book recommendations question
2021-09-07Caffeine withdrawal headaches: can you share your experience?
2021-09-07What to wear on a Zoom interview?
2021-09-04Best website for mood board WITH comments/lists
2021-09-04Why is AskMetaFilter Not As Popular As Reddit?
2021-08-24Books like Jurassic Park but written before Jurassic park.
2021-08-18Cool stuff for 2 cats, a dog, and a baby?
2021-08-15using facebook messenger safely
2021-08-09How accurate is the Hollywood stereotype of what mathematicians do?
2021-08-07Is it okay to be a follower instead of a maverick?
2021-07-19New computer, same monitor?
2021-07-12The Cake Is (Not) A Lie!
2021-07-12How do you financially manage your college freshman?
2021-07-07Are there any dating apps that don't require serious time commitment?
2021-07-05Making Bezos Work For Me
2021-07-05Boundaries for unintentional boundary-crossers
2021-06-30How do glasses work with sports and tweens?
2021-06-30What do you use to mop your floors that smells good or is unscented?
2021-06-26Did I screw up closing on my house?
2021-06-24Why is my partner's ex's name linked to our addresses online?
2021-06-17Help me adjust the amount of time I spend bargain hunting
2021-06-16Kitchen organization... help
2021-06-09Am I being too picky with dentists?
2021-06-07Dirtbuster, dustbuster, furbuster....something
2021-05-27Removing Particularly difficult sticker from glass
2021-05-21How true is it that it is hard to make friends in Canada?
2021-05-12Activity Ideas Besides Talking for One-on-One Zooms
2021-05-07IRS payments that aren't stimulus checks or tax refunds?
2021-05-06There's got to be a better way!
2021-04-27Let's play Name That Dog!
2021-04-21What strange things has your dog eaten?
2021-04-19Tight v-neck + flares + wedges = much fashion
2021-04-13I gave sensitive info to a sketchy site!
2021-04-10Common assault?
2021-03-31How do I talk to my boss about my mental health issues?
2021-03-29Women's hair for dummies
2021-03-23Choosing between unlimited time off and ... unlimited time off.
2021-03-22Why can't Amazon Fresh keep milk in stock?
2021-03-22I made a big boo-boo
2021-03-19Setting priorities when house-hunting?
2021-03-19breaking point; or, frying pan to fire
2021-03-10Non covid, non depressing 2020 time capsule item
2021-03-10Birth Announcement for Neighbors?
2021-03-09No salt, no spice, no fun food
2021-03-03I need video (actual or staged) of religious trance states
2021-03-02It rubs the lotion on its skin...
2021-02-19how to bring up a work concern diplomatically
2021-02-19how to bring up a work concern diplomatically
2021-02-16Help identifying mystery cut of meat
2021-02-09Shift compliment
2021-02-09How much house can I afford?
2021-02-06What good is a story without any things I can picture and illustrate?
2021-02-06Death without a next-of-kin
2021-01-30The Seven plots, corporate style
2021-01-30The Seven plots, corporate style
2021-01-29Rice rice baby
2021-01-22How to help, social services edition
2021-01-14What post-surgery goodies should I leave in my friends' fridge?
2021-01-14Can I eat this smoked duck breast?