Which comments by phunniemee were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-29What's the deal with watch4freemovies.com?
2022-12-26What drama series should we watch next on Netflix?
2022-12-22How dangerous is this?
2022-12-18Are there accessible careers that aren't stressful and that pay well?
2022-12-06Where to park a car in Chicago
2022-12-06moisturizing with gloves at night: tell me everything
2022-12-06moisturizing with gloves at night: tell me everything
2022-12-05Open season for health insurance... not sure what to do.
2022-12-01Can I teach an old dog new tricks?
2022-11-29What are some examples of dinosaurs that weighed roughly 75lbs?
2022-11-22Winter wonderland white party food
2022-11-18Help me give myself the gift of freedom
2022-11-15"""Don't forget to wash behind your ears!"""
2022-11-11Friend's birthday miscommunication, or something deeper?
2022-10-29can you help me identify these colors?
2022-10-29can you help me identify these colors?
2022-10-27Will essential oils go stale on my clothes?
2022-10-24How to give my cat a choc ice
2022-10-24How to wash my University class jersey?
2022-10-18Flexible spending
2022-10-06Parking spots occupied during construction, what now?
2022-10-05Navigating conflicting crisis styles in a family
2022-10-03How do you fold laundry fast and efficiently?
2022-10-02Guidance on how to discuss quality of children's TV with children
2022-09-27"Internet ""flickers"" out for 4 seconds at a time, madness ensues"
2022-09-24Help me come up with a Remote Work Team Social event that doesn't suck
2022-09-23Hello, we are your (not new) neighbours…
2022-09-04How do I take care of my dog's paw?
2022-07-28"""Escort"" required for my upcoming endoscopy."
2022-07-25Looking for some lesser known classic horror.
2022-07-15how to stop thinking my ex friend is better than me
2022-07-08Make Me Scream
2022-06-24Purse stable high protein dog treats recipe?
2022-06-16Help me text my kid ridiculous things
2022-06-15Music video with odd hat, tall boots, gothic folksy woman
2022-06-15Help me name my snails
2022-06-06Live Zoom for Dummies - Calm Me
2022-05-31Groceries Yay or Nay?
2022-05-18plumbing doesn't work but still...
2022-05-18Have we met?
2022-05-09HireRight + National Student Clearinghouse = ???
2022-05-04how could this be?
2022-04-28How to eliminate an odd, musty-like odor from my bathroom?
2022-04-02OTC COVID Test Reimbursement Woes
2022-03-25Why won't this crazy idea work: alcohol and dairy.
2022-03-25Tips for being a good manager of someone older than me
2022-03-21Twitter DM advice
2022-03-18Good gift baskets make good neighbors
2022-03-15Have the things you find on the ground changed in the last 30 years?
2022-03-14Can I make my shower less horrible?
2022-03-12Books that inspire cosmic vertigo / perspective spiral / ego breakdown
2022-03-11Makin' money moves (well credit moves, anyway)
2022-03-05Bread machine recipes and hacks
2022-03-05Phase 1: Collect underpants Phase 2: ??? Phase 3: Profit
2022-02-20How to help a teen improve their drawing skills?
2022-02-20Adopting a senior dog
2022-02-02What book was this - mathematically dividing inheritance?
2022-02-02How to be sick
2022-02-02"Another 'Is this a scam?"" Question"
2022-02-01It's Groundhog Day. Again.
2022-01-27How are people editing video these days?
2022-01-25Ideas for unique scavenger hunt / escape room clues with a unique form!
2022-01-25More art = less assholes
2022-01-25Does extra water drinking dilute your salt levels or...?
2022-01-06"what words or phrases have the name ""joel"" in them?"
2022-01-06high protein meals