Which comments by corey flood were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-14PUA Without the Misogyny?
2020-11-11listen to an audio clue about a possible cat food jingle from the 70's!
2020-11-06How to leave the bugs behind?
2020-11-02ISO Holiday gift ideas for 11-year-old
2020-10-28Help me replace my girlfriend with a giant sweater
2020-10-14Can I Eat This? Refrigerated, unopened raw bacon edition
2020-10-04(YANM)Doctor, Will I Live?
2020-09-20What do you say when someone dies? Estranged/bad relationship edition.
2020-08-03Short story ID
2020-08-03Short story ID
2020-08-01Help save my baby blanket
2020-06-22Need accountability system to get off my ass!
2020-05-22Help me find a CZ Dupe of this engagement ring
2020-03-12Assisting the local community in the next weeks
2020-03-07Abusive youth extracurricular instructor; how to proceed?
2020-01-24How can I grow to like someone I don't?