Which comments by slidell were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-04another night in with the ol' ball-and-chain (my PhD)
2020-12-04Is there great decaf coffee that tastes EXACTLY like caffeinated coffee?
2020-10-04is there a way to sell/donate house fixtures before demolition?
2020-10-01How to be a mere mortal without losing your mind
2020-09-27Now that location doesn't matter, should we rethink buying a house?
2020-06-28Be my Covid-19 oddsmaker (Toronto)
2020-05-15Would you rush an interstate move right now, to save $35-55K?
2020-05-02Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
2020-04-26What technique from a life coach or self-help book worked best for you?
2020-04-06Good natured neighborhood pranks/jokes
2020-04-06Good natured neighborhood pranks/jokes
2020-03-19Athleisure / work-from-home clothes from small or smallish businesses?
2020-02-16Embezzling co-owner trying to kick partner out of business, help!
2020-02-09I need an elegant solution to my bag problems . . . what is it?
2020-02-06Help me not have a nervous breakdown about kittens
2020-01-04Do I stay or do I go? (Jobs Edition)
2020-01-04Do I stay or do I go? (Jobs Edition)