Which comments by fritley were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

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2020-09-14Rejecting a paycut
2020-08-07Am I wearing out my laptop using it for work?
2020-06-21Old basement, Stinky HVAC Air: What Can We Do?
2020-06-14I like fonts.
2020-06-14Can I move a RAID array to SSDs just by swapping them out one-at-a-time?
2020-04-10beanplating fridge replacement in the time of 'rona shelter
2020-04-07Internet Browsing Trouble
2020-04-01Does a runny nose mean I've failed at social distancing?
2020-03-31Cleaning litterbox using a shop vac - good idea bad idea
2020-03-22Need A Script For Confronting Banjo Player
2020-02-23Advice on dealing with apparent leak from shower area