Which comments by beagle were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-25Need urgent ham help!
2016-11-10Is there some sort of fascist-killing machine?
2016-10-21Boudoir Photo Book - where to print?
2016-08-29How do I sell a friend's car in AZ when friend is out of country?
2016-07-31How do I get my New York car title document?
2016-06-27Change color of tab bar in Google Chrome?
2016-06-25Change color of tab bar in Google Chrome?
2016-06-10How are helium tanks filled?
2016-06-03Bed Delivery, Bent Mattress
2016-05-1670-foot Seasonal Bridge
2016-05-13Copyright on 1942 Documents
2016-05-07Car key stolen
2016-03-28Why publish so many comics?
2016-03-19Help us name our new kitty, please
2016-03-17How Bad Is This Do You Think?
2016-03-17roof regrets?
2016-03-17roof regrets?
2016-03-14Need my Knee
2016-03-14Do I need a heat diffuser for a glass percolator on a glass-top stove?
2016-03-11Check My Math Please!
2016-03-07How can I deal better with my husband eyeing other women?
2016-01-31Are those LED light strips safe to embed in drywall? Fire Safety.
2016-01-24Why hasn't a mayor become the president of the US?
2016-01-22Dad (early 70s) is making weird sounds constantly. What could it be?
2016-01-21What are the best resources to learn about antiques?