Which comments by teremala were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

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2021-12-05You're Not the Boss of Me
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2021-12-03Help me stand to be around my parent for the duration of this visit
2021-11-281st christmas gift for daughter-in law.
2021-11-28Group gift ideas that are inclusive of a blind and autistic 6 year old
2021-11-14Finding a narrow wedge/triangular side table
2021-09-08Resources for dealing with kid anxiety about death?
2021-08-05ISO: happy mask filtration-levels with an origami-style mask (I think).
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2021-07-13Why is my gas bill so high?
2021-07-12How do you financially manage your college freshman?
2021-07-02How would you break this move into manageable chunks?
2021-06-29Apartment Hacks: Storage and Organization
2021-06-21Run toilet, run
2021-06-21I need book series recs for a weirdly unadventurous 6th grader
2021-05-28Seeking a Paradigm Shift
2021-04-21What strange things has your dog eaten?
2021-03-11Most minimalist paint job
2021-02-24Should I get the vaccine right now?
2021-01-22"Letterhead ""header"" repeating down page when printing"
2021-01-10Epic comics alternatives to Tintin or Amulet for younger readers?