Which comments by soelo were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-20What tablet should I get for watching movies/TV shows?
2016-11-08What's the current wait for a Nexus appointment @ Montreal or Toronto?
2016-10-06Fun, flat, mail-able, multi-participant game / puzzle-like things?
2016-10-05Micromanaging isn't quite the word...
2016-09-08What should I see/do in MPLS to help me decide whether to move there?
2016-09-06Can you recommend any good free Windows 7 photo gallery program in 2016?
2016-08-30iPhone file management, in-phone or on a Windows computer
2016-08-23If it weren't screwed on... cell phone edition
2016-08-18What shape are the numbers?
2016-08-18Great SciFi books for an 11 yr old girl obsessed with Star Wars trivia?
2016-08-18Great SciFi books for an 11 yr old girl obsessed with Star Wars trivia?
2016-08-18App for that, or Excel magic? Grocery inventory w/ recipe matching
2016-06-29Recursive food
2016-06-03Two weeks in Ireland
2016-06-03Two weeks in Ireland
2016-06-01Why is Numbers (the spreadsheet app) for ios doing this?
2016-05-10C25K for everything
2016-04-27Puppy Naming!
2016-04-25Pay off your credit card with a loan - good idea/bad idea?
2016-04-22Weren't TV commercials supposed to get quieter?
2016-04-22Is Ting, Google Voice, and BYOD the best for me?
2016-04-01Mass cards for United Methodists?
2016-03-25Recipe Suggestions for Dish that will travel/keep well?
2016-02-29Down and Dirty way to Pack Posters Flat for Moving and Storing
2016-02-16Best web/security cam for capturing the catfights?
2016-02-10London or Paris for a vacation with Me + 2 kiddos under 5?
2016-02-09Tax withholding mystery
2016-01-21Please help this very infrequent flyer.
2016-01-20Book recommendations, please!
2016-01-15Best balance of quality and cost in current crop of TVs
2016-01-13Living together but financially absolutely separate? (Canada)
2016-01-11Find my photos a new home!
2016-01-09Wanted: savory drinks that aren't coffee or tea.