Which comments by If only I had a penguin... were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-16Is this illegal discrimination?
2022-12-05What is reasonable to expect in first grade?
2022-11-05Too much water
2022-10-10Best way to absorb water
2022-09-23Drug Testing, HIPAA, and Cannabis
2022-09-11Check for recent asymptomatic Covid before getting new booster?
2022-05-27Who is well known, based in Ontario, and not wild expensive?
2022-05-19Help me remember this book!
2022-04-27"Do you know the data on why ""its so hard"" to get into elite colleges? "
2022-04-26Find me gentle, fictional, happy ending TV
2022-04-05Naming a dental practice
2022-03-29Is it possible to sell half-ownership in a house?
2022-03-25Short story, airport, stranger gives child magic $.25?
2022-03-22"""...closest to the original retail price without going over."""
2022-01-27Pretty sure my friend is spying on me