Which comments by greenish were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-10Trying to forgive myself for not being more responsible in the past.
2020-12-07welp, this is awkward
2020-12-07All I need is love?
2020-09-24How to get a painful failed relationship off my mind?
2020-09-23How to stop feeling sorry for myself and obsessing about my luck?
2020-09-17How to be sad
2020-09-16What songs should I learn on my baby accordion?
2020-07-06All [...] things must come to an end. How to deal with change?
2020-06-29Abusive/addict :..sit down talk...am I being unrealistic?
2020-06-29How do I ask my partner about his use of Grindr? Any tips?
2020-04-09Sweet potato leaves and other odd edibles
2020-04-08My relationship with my boyfriend is far from what I want...
2020-03-16To FWB or to not FWB