Which comments by Namlit were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-11-17What to do with bare oboe carcass?
2016-11-03Lacquering error correction?
2016-10-23Workplace Drama - How do I choose/do I have to?
2016-09-23So, a hedgehog walked into a house
2016-09-01Question about luggage on Thalys
2016-09-01Question about luggage on Thalys
2016-08-06Friend acquires a lot of cheese. What to do with it?
2016-08-02Examples of being considerate/caring?
2016-07-18What is this metal thing keeping my deck together?
2016-07-03Hohle Zahn = Hohenzollern?
2016-06-25Classical CD stores in Cologne/Bonn and Helsinki
2016-06-22Snappy comebacks for when people joke about my name
2016-06-15Where should I live?
2016-04-24Help me make foods taste more garlicky.
2016-04-14Distracting talk during Scrabble. Good strategy? Just a thing?
2016-04-03Too many veggies - no soup for me!
2016-03-16How to cheer up a friend who made a big mistake?
2016-03-14Driving from Gothenburg to Malmo - things to see/do?
2016-03-03Can I safely (for me and the roof) use a ladder on my porch roof?
2016-02-04Turning a PhD dissertation into a book - any tips?
2016-01-31Was it a Sasquatch outside my tent last night? It was, wasn't it.
2016-01-29I do not like foods with creamy mouth-feels. I want to start liking them
2016-01-29Best version of Bach's Suites for Solo Cello?
2016-01-18How to bring up body odor issue to family member?
2016-01-17How do I open this antique lacquered tea chest?
2016-01-12Seeking magical incantation to make my dentist take me seriously