Which comments by The otter lady were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-16Pescatarian Keto... give me your best plans!
2018-11-21Settling in on Crone Island
2018-09-26Why does my cat love this paleo pancake mix?
2018-09-15What would Martha Stewart do?
2018-08-13One weird hack to rule them all
2018-06-29Best Bean Bag Chair
2018-06-21A Remote Possibility
2018-06-21A Remote Possibility
2018-06-11Aphmau Help
2018-06-10ClothingFilter: lightweight but long tops, plus size edition
2018-06-09ClothingFilter: lightweight but long tops, plus size edition
2018-05-22Dog Filter: Intermittent Clothes Pulling
2018-04-16Are hydrogen peroxide soaks safe?
2018-03-31Where can I find collaborative writing/role-laying partners?
2018-03-19Spider ID
2018-03-19Spider ID
2018-01-24What are you favorite satisfying activities or habits?