Which comments by xyzzy were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-12ISO knitting books
2016-09-16Interesting TV shows (or movies) with kind, loving characters
2016-08-24What is hacking?
2016-08-24What is hacking?
2016-07-10How did you eliminate artificial sweetner from your diet?
2016-06-11Ooh Rah! Give me all the military kink.
2016-05-20Which camera to take on Safari?
2016-05-17Engagement ring alternatives?
2016-05-13Why would you wear a respirator in a flooded urban environment?
2016-05-08Artisits Of MeFi What Is Your Deviant Art Experience?
2016-05-08How can I deal with worsening panic issues?
2016-05-07Name some Christian politicians in majority Muslim countries!
2016-05-03Minecraft minefields
2016-04-30Tattoo tips
2016-04-21How do I deal with these thoughts of quitting drinking?
2016-04-20Makeup maps for my giant eye orbs
2016-04-19Great storage options for pantry staples?
2016-04-15Please explain Justin Trudeau and Quantum Computing to me
2016-04-15Whose famous last "words" were a punctuation mark?
2016-04-12Who are you??
2016-04-09Child-friendly version of goodreads?
2016-04-07Hair Cut??? Shivers
2016-04-06Knitting/crochet books/magazines for preteen
2016-04-06Like a singing doll?
2016-04-05Perplex on plexiglass and mounting pictures
2016-03-16Come up with weeknight meals that fit my family's incompatible criteria!
2016-03-16What are some interesting plants I can grow in my office?
2016-03-14Girl Fight
2016-03-12Story-focused video game for a complete non-gamer