Which comments by xyzzy were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-14Help for a month without added sugar.
2017-12-07Dealing with cliques at work
2017-11-05Feed my Family: Complicated Vegan/Keto Meal
2017-11-04Possible to nuke the most annoying dream?
2017-10-18Realistic watercolor digital brushes for Krita
2017-10-12Lend me your delightfully tedious hobbies
2017-10-06Strong reactions in relationships
2017-09-22Please help my stomach!
2017-09-22Glass dip pens, how well do they work?
2017-07-26He had this intense appeal, is the thing.
2017-07-23Help traditional painter do digital gifs with low-end Wacom tablet
2017-07-09Is this a real thing? The Craft (1996) edition
2017-07-06Jeans for wide hips, skinny legs, and no booty
2017-06-27Oily skin is now also dry skin?
2017-06-16Searching for the best in Serialized Crime Storytelling
2017-05-27Good reading about the little process details of painting and art-making
2017-02-27Replacement for Reddit
2017-02-27Older guy won't hear no, threatens position in friend group