Which comments by the webmistress were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-10-12Coping with being friend-dumped in the age of social media :(
2016-09-29Where can I find this video?
2016-09-27Using Self Tanner to Even Out Tanlines?
2016-09-08Help us find this key--or as close to it as possible
2016-08-26ID this book: Napoleonic Wars, tame goat
2016-08-24Offer for a house was informally accepted, now seller ghosting.
2016-08-21Firefox Flash
2016-08-17charlotte's web
2016-08-16Saw a Christian film 20 years ago, but I don't remember the title
2016-08-16Help Identify An Iconic Photo - from Life Magazine?
2016-07-24Mean coworker makes me dread going to work
2016-07-07We are not a flophouse
2016-06-26Uh... I don't get it
2016-06-16Please help me understand the joke in this Peter Arno drawing
2016-06-04Looking for an italian poem about rain
2016-06-01Should I break up with him?
2016-05-27Yes really! Really!
2016-05-20Nicely asking for no hospital visits after baby
2016-05-09Children's books with bears as the protagonist! Difficulty: GIRL BEARS.
2016-04-27Puppy Naming!
2016-04-26Making a temporary museum look professional
2016-04-11Name! That! Plant!
2016-03-13Who is on the cover of Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
2016-02-21Rachel's Dress
2016-01-29Making sugar scrub favors with canola oil?
2016-01-29Can you find the DIY couch instructions with the funny setup?
2016-01-18Name of musician interviewed on NPR recently?
2016-01-18SF YA story id