Which comments by the webmistress were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-11-01Looking for a white laboratory-style background to photograph components
2017-10-28Give me your best mom catalog sweatshirts!
2017-10-04What's your take on these Halloween decorations?
2017-08-14Another please help me find this book from my past question
2017-07-11Help me re-find this music video: Beardy guy rolls his truck in slow-mo.
2017-06-29Smelly hair
2017-06-29Smelly hair
2017-06-20Best way to hang a Screen Print on Tin
2017-06-13Is Yoshi a Koopa?
2017-06-10Help Me Identify This Artist!
2017-06-05One meal a day advice.
2017-05-30[Imminent dinner filter] Can I quickly make these olives less salty?
2017-05-22Computer game filter
2017-05-21Host sweet host
2017-04-23What's the song playing in this NSFWish Spring 2017 Calvin Klein ad?
2017-03-31Quiet snoring keeps me awake
2017-01-28Short American horror fiction by authors who aren't white men?
2017-01-20Can You Identify These Boots
2017-01-18C is for cookie question