Which comments by gregr were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-10A Flatbed Scanner for Photo Negatives?
2016-12-08What happened to boing boing?
2016-12-06Where? Data to help calculate total food and water consumed in lifetime
2016-12-01What grease/lube can I use to make my oven rack slide better?
2016-11-30Is there a "Couch to 5k" for creativity?
2016-11-23Great books on 19th + early 20th century photography?
2016-11-17Blocking robot downloads from a publically available mp3 on a website
2016-11-12Computer Power Supply making rattling/buzzing noises
2016-11-10What are the sources for these three documents with Vietnam War data?
2016-10-28Can I get a copy of this unicorn art from the movie Contact?
2016-10-21Is eating with utensils better than eating with your hand?
2016-10-19Question for screen printers
2016-09-14Un-stuffy my apartment
2016-09-11FictionFilter: what are the consequences of an all-fish diet?
2016-09-06So...how fast can the processor process?
2016-08-26Can I install Windows 10 32 or 64bit on my wife's currently-XP system?
2016-08-19From 0 to "programming" in $2500
2016-08-09Videography/lighting setup for cooking videos
2016-08-06USB flash drive not working after Windows update
2016-07-19What's the best mid-price phone for Pokemon Go
2016-07-12What to do in San Francisco with a 17-year-old girl?
2016-07-09Help me run a 12-minute mile (sigh)
2016-07-01Suggestions for Wall-Mounting a 40" RCA Flatscreen?
2016-06-23Recommend some Fitbit Flex bands that won't cause irritation
2016-06-17pimp my driveway
2016-06-09Sick & sexified exercise music videos
2016-05-30Help me buy a road bike!
2016-05-19Which camera to take on Safari?
2016-05-19dog fencing through creek?
2016-05-17Is this a good lens for this camera?
2016-05-16Documentary-making for dreamers with only pocket change to spare
2016-05-12Flickr, Dropbox or $OTHER for a family?
2016-05-09How do I even fit?
2016-05-05Rothko's Harvard Murals
2016-05-05Rothko's Harvard Murals
2016-04-27This plant is in our yard. It's probably a weed. What is it?
2016-04-09Through a scanner...compactly?
2016-04-07Magnetic card data recovery -- is it possible, and if so, how?
2016-03-10Re-purpose Surface drive
2016-03-04Can't Burn Video DVDs on my Mac
2016-03-04Can't Burn Video DVDs on my Mac
2016-02-26What do you know about old Argus cameras?
2016-02-12Acer's Bad Idea
2016-02-09A question about two supplements
2016-01-25Gluten-Free Bread
2016-01-13I am the photographer (or I would like to be).
2016-01-13Bands with animals in them?