Which comments by gregr were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

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2017-11-02Taking next-level photographs
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2017-10-05Pizza stone needed, longevity required.
2017-10-02How to crop videos similar to how images can be cropped?
2017-09-27How to convert .mp4 to .gif with optimal speed and size?
2017-09-15Workstation vs gaming PC
2017-09-10Anyone know where I can purchase a specific Walker Evans print?
2017-09-01Read anything good lately? Yes!...Uh, I remember it had some words...
2017-08-30Simple astronomical observations to make in a dark, clear sky
2017-08-25Possible to fix "checked" / split cedar posts?
2017-07-07What to read, what to read (sci-fi/fantasy/classics)
2017-06-30Semi Heavy Metal - How does one restore a vintage metal file?
2017-06-13Can anyone give details on what these symbols are?
2017-06-08Can I replace my Macbook Air with an Ipad Pro? Or is it still too soon?
2017-06-05The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Photo Hobbyists
2017-06-05What is Limiting the Number of Connected Devices?
2017-06-01how to buy a Japanese book?
2017-05-16Windows 10 Slow HDD Issue
2017-05-13How to sync files between Windows and Linux
2017-05-11Macbook storage solutions
2017-05-07Leaving Comcast in favor of AT&T/DirecTV?
2017-04-28Cheap home audio
2017-04-13I want you to want me.
2017-04-07Electronics protection plans, are they worth it?
2017-03-28Listening to music in the 21st Century
2017-03-03Help me trick out a new kitchen!
2017-03-02Help me cut down a giant piece of fabric!
2017-02-25Are there official poster graphics for advertising March for Science?
2017-02-20Wordpress & New User Registrations with IP
2017-02-07What defines this late 70s early 80s photographic style?
2017-01-27Japanese diner books and TV shows?
2017-01-22Would it be worth it to get another lens?
2017-01-22Does this thing exist?
2017-01-18What are best practices for sending a lot of media mail rate packages?
2017-01-07Don't say "Cheese!"
2017-01-07How would you spread a $100 bet on the Super Bowl?
2017-01-07Can I generate an audio timecode track in After Effects or Premiere?
2017-01-04Anti-slip/grip solution for AirPods
2017-01-02Repair oldish Macbook Air through Apple or some third party, or replace?