Which comments by lizbunny were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-08-18What to do with a very hot, very thick pasta sauce?
2016-08-17What's a good routine for researching and purchasing house insurance?
2016-08-15Help me make the most out of my $100 enameled cast iron pot!
2016-08-03How do I propose a business trip to my boss?
2016-07-21Is this a 'if you have to ask, you already know the answer' thing?
2016-07-06What else can I bake in a brie baker?
2016-07-06Please help with aggravating medical issue
2016-06-30Cats got sick after apartment complex used pesticides on the wrong day
2016-05-30In need of a hands-on hobby
2016-05-12Know how to do one big cake, need to do two small cakes
2016-05-09How do you teach boundaries and respect?
2016-04-15Best high chair for a disabled child? Details within.
2016-04-11Plant ID
2016-03-27Okay, this isn't funny anymore.
2016-03-19Please don't make me start at entry level
2016-03-18To Catch A Petty Thief
2016-03-18To Catch A Petty Thief
2016-03-18To Catch A Petty Thief
2016-03-04I'm broke, but I've got booze!
2016-02-25Can I see the course syllabus for life?
2016-02-15Good Excel/CSV data visualisation tools for Windows desktops?
2016-02-13Proposing with an alligator
2016-02-05How do I manage multiple job offers?
2016-01-21Getting the most volume when curling short hair
2016-01-17Patent Nude Heels Wishes To Be Silver For One Day
2016-01-07Business number of my cellular telephone
2016-01-06It's a...were-something, maybe?
2016-01-04New Year, new job? But how?