Which comments by Mizu were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-29Can I eat this beautiful slice of key lime pie?
2016-12-26Just found out my family's Jewish--how do I learn more?
2016-12-25Wild Turkey roast reccomendations
2016-12-23So my life has come to this...
2016-12-18What would make this chicken soup tastier?
2016-12-14Consider the ???
2016-12-10Hanukah dinner party tips n tricks
2016-12-09Latkes and tofu?
2016-12-08Best non-violent games for a 7yo on the Nintendo 2DS?
2016-12-02Contraption & trap supplies for kids
2016-11-29Are they *all* good dogs?
2016-11-20What do I do with the trimmings from a suit?
2016-11-17What should I study to help reduce suicide and depression in this world?
2016-11-11I need happy things to watch
2016-11-07How to host a visit from my estranged father to meet his grandchild
2016-11-07The Accidental Jewelry Maker
2016-10-16it'll be just like a sleepover, except not!
2016-10-13Bought pre-built Lego at tag sale. How best to take it apart?
2016-10-06Name my blog: Plus size + sewing + fashion
2016-10-04Be more chill?
2016-10-02Halloween in a Navy Blue Ballgown?
2016-09-29Help a midwestern girl with her (frozen) mussels.
2016-09-29Help a midwestern girl with her (frozen) mussels.
2016-09-19Fall/winter fashion/grooming for women - Oregon/cold office filter.
2016-09-18My Colds Are Worse Than Your Colds
2016-08-05Japanese Names for Dummies
2016-08-02my cat might have eaten a chocolate croissant
2016-07-28a mixed bag (of peppers)
2016-07-20Being a part of the life of a kid with Asperger's Syndrome
2016-07-13I can't be nice one more time.
2016-07-09Advise me on marriage.
2016-07-05Five day cat charm offensive
2016-06-18Sweet, fuzzy, vicious: how do I stop my cat from killing everything?
2016-06-17Kitty needs a name!
2016-06-13My summer just fell apart
2016-06-06bedroom furniture?!
2016-06-04brain teasers for kittens
2016-06-02You can pick your nose, and you can pick your cat, but can your cat...?
2016-06-01Mindful snacks for a busy person
2016-06-01Should I break up with him?
2016-05-27Dividing family heirlooms (animosity edition)
2016-05-21Mindless iphone games?
2016-05-18Should She Be Playing with Me? (And More Newbie Dog Questions)
2016-05-09Help me help my mother
2016-05-01I love to make stuff. Why should I bother making stuff?
2016-04-06Knitting/crochet books/magazines for preteen
2016-04-03Too many veggies - no soup for me!
2016-03-28Could I ask out a girl on ride-shares like lyft without sounding weird?
2016-03-26Don't want to eat mystery meat at restaurants; how do I not be annoying?
2016-03-22Boutique crafting duct tape
2016-03-12Story-focused video game for a complete non-gamer
2016-03-07black tie wedding. let's get real specific.
2016-03-04You say high maintenance like it's a bad thing.
2016-02-27What to pair with pumpernickel?
2016-02-25the unbearable whiteness of being
2016-02-25What is my nephew doing?
2016-02-25Elderly Parents + iPad - Computer = ???
2016-02-23Help me find a film/tv/photo stand-in for the Imperial Radch?
2016-02-23Great Caesar's Ghost! I need some kid-friendlier curses
2016-02-21Yet another special snowflake lunch question.
2016-02-18Cat with adominal cancer. What next?
2016-02-12Painting a wooden table set and color combos
2016-02-05Shaking up my comfort zone
2016-02-01How do I meat?
2016-01-03Are there more apps like Neko Atsume?