Which comments by Mizu were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-28Cat + Dog = ?
2018-12-22Meeting daughter's partner first time xmas
2018-12-04Do I want a Roomba?
2018-12-03Pronouns 101: they/them
2018-11-28Cleaning all the bits
2018-11-10What should be on my Work From Home shopping list?
2018-11-07men's colder weather casual style question. beanie/scarf edition
2018-11-01My cat has a cold. :(
2018-10-26Flu triggering depression
2018-10-24Helping a high schooler with organization skills
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2018-10-20What do I do with a huge cat tree my cat won't use anymore?
2018-09-28Substitution for onions in fried or sauteed food
2018-09-11Seeking (very) unconventional sandwich suggestions
2018-08-18Forget Flying Cars - What is the State of the Art in Boob-holding Tech?
2018-08-07cavities brought to you by: your loving workplace
2018-07-27How to avoid one-sided conversations with people I like?
2018-07-25You're just YARN! How can you take up so much SPACE??
2018-07-23Having birthday feelings
2018-07-18Vegan dessert for a birthday party
2018-07-16Difficult friend situation
2018-07-16Difficult friend situation
2018-07-13Alleviating sertraline withdrawal dizziness
2018-07-12Skittish stray cat is injured. We love him.
2018-07-10Where can I buy venison tenderloins in/near Seattle?
2018-06-29Homegrown mixed drinks
2018-06-26To Tattoo or Not To Tatto a Cat Tattoo?
2018-06-19Shrimp Order of Operations
2018-06-15Simple meals for a cabin vacation
2018-06-10Bang bang
2018-05-22What does this symbol look like to you?
2018-05-16Staycation Advice for the non-neurotypical
2018-05-09Suggestions for B├ęchamel-based Pizza Sauces
2018-05-04Fun ideas for a very small child's bedroom.
2018-05-04How do I access the swooshy characters in this font set?
2018-04-27Can I make this mayo-free potato salad the day before a picnic?
2018-04-24What should I name my (fake) cat?
2018-04-18Like juice, but better
2018-04-17Help me come up with vegetarian make-ahead breakfast ideas?
2018-04-17Veterinary dip of sulfurated lime solution. How toxic?
2018-03-31Cat Dentalfilter
2018-03-26Tomato pudding? What to do with 64oz of tomato juice?
2018-03-21Nothing as scary as a bunch of bored tweens...
2018-03-18help me wear this dress!
2018-03-14Gluten-free St. Patrick's day treat for child's classmate - Philadelphia
2018-03-03Updating the Afikomen
2018-03-01Is it OK for male colleague to touch a woman's waist in passing?
2018-02-24Shower me with ideas!
2018-02-20I need dishwashing hacks.
2018-02-15Help me come clean about the extent of my problems.
2018-02-12How can I encourage my stinky cat to wash more?
2018-02-06Loud cat owners, how do you live with your cat?
2018-01-20the aftermath