Which comments by Mizu were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-1780s gold
2022-11-24Fashion SOS: Boyfriend Family Turkey Meeting
2022-11-04Creamiest mashed potatoes, polenta, etc.?
2022-11-02Vegan showstoppers for vegans who want to cook more
2022-11-01Staring into the Void
2022-10-20Rituals or actions to make my big new house feel like my home?
2022-10-13The trouble with Tribble pom-poms.
2022-09-24Any tips on how to become a more adventurous eater?
2022-09-23Preserving a pomegranate
2022-09-19Ready, Steady, Cook?
2022-09-19Ready, Steady, Cook?
2022-09-18What do you use your dehydrator for?
2022-09-11can you dye (or paint) jute wedge shoes?
2022-09-06Gift for a New Convert to Judaism?
2022-08-25Recipes that use herbs as vegetables?
2022-08-19Measuring cups that won't fade?
2022-08-02Indoor insect bites problem
2022-08-02How to quell my anxiety around leaving my cats for eleven days.
2022-07-30High-fiber foods on a road trip?
2022-07-28Need a specific type of bracelet
2022-07-15how to stop thinking my ex friend is better than me
2022-07-15Canceling trip: Need support
2022-07-03Add some activism to my barbecue
2022-07-01What is this conga player wearing on his hands?
2022-06-23please help me figure out how to have this horrible conversation
2022-06-07Tips for talking in groups when you're sensitive to social rejection?
2022-06-02Autoimmune conditions and hot weather
2022-06-01Autoimmune conditions and hot weather
2022-05-29Need veggie side ideas with two big conditions
2022-05-27Help with a differently-brained co-worker
2022-05-21Too Much Kimchi?
2022-05-20Too Much Kimchi?
2022-05-16How Can I Grow Old With Less Anger
2022-05-10Me talk to kids one day
2022-05-05How to ask roommate to leave?
2022-05-01Need more variety for work-from-home lunches
2022-05-01Need more variety for work-from-home lunches
2022-04-27tough luck, tough cabbage
2022-04-26Too many tortillas
2022-04-25No nonstick pan; what to do instead?
2022-04-22ELI 5: How to not freak out this week.
2022-04-12useful skills for the apocalypse
2022-04-07I need to build a capsule work wardrobe and I'm overwhelmed
2022-04-03How do you serve hot food at a seder? First-time host...
2022-03-29Help me conquer my mental blocks and tell my housemate goodbye
2022-03-25Safe & easy-to-maintain cookware for very low-fat diet?
2022-03-14Cat Whisperers, I need you
2022-03-10Help me find these paperweights
2022-03-08What is my ethnic heritage?
2022-02-26what should I do with all these oranges
2022-02-26what should I do with all these oranges
2022-02-24Cognitive dissonance about my marriage, what is the reality?
2022-02-24How to survive 24 hours in a plane with kids.
2022-02-24How does the story end for narcissists?
2022-02-21Keep or give up foster kittens?
2022-02-11Bowl me over with lunch ideas!
2022-02-03How to be sick
2022-01-27I'm isolating at home with covid. What should I do for my birthday?
2022-01-23My formerly abusive father is dying. Help me confront him.
2022-01-04What to do with used single-use eyedrops?