Which comments by bluedaisy were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-09How are libraries charged for patron database use?
2020-12-02Three dates and a 'breakup'
2020-11-23ReaderFilter - Bring me your tropes of lust
2020-11-16I'm 39, and my boyfriend has just told me he won't have a baby with me.
2020-11-13What sun screen will not make my face hot?
2020-11-06what's the best way to organize bedding?
2020-10-22Family distancing in a time of Coronavirus
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2020-10-06House or airbnb during covid?
2020-10-05Can I use a domestic fare to fly to the Galapagos from mainland Ecuador?
2020-10-04Plant light
2020-10-04Plant light
2020-10-02How to let go of guilt, and forive yourself for becoming the toxic one?
2020-09-30How to be a mere mortal without losing your mind
2020-09-24The Coldest Cold Lead
2020-09-24How to get a painful failed relationship off my mind?
2020-09-20What do you say when someone dies? Estranged/bad relationship edition.
2020-09-20How to care for myself while I wait for meds to kick in?
2020-09-15Do you buy a house before or after starting a new job?
2020-09-06Insecure about my romantic/sexual history
2020-09-01Protecting myself from my little covidmonster
2020-08-03how to set boundaries with a child who isn't mine
2020-07-31The kids are their own project managers
2020-07-08How do I say thanks but no thanks to someone after a date?
2020-06-28How do I ask my partner about his use of Grindr? Any tips?
2020-06-25What is this conversation style called, and how can I deal with it bette
2020-06-14Husband with possible coronavirus - action plan?
2020-06-11How to Bike
2020-06-03What's wrong with Shaun King?
2020-05-28Anti Racism for Brown People Resources
2020-05-16What, what, what
2020-05-14We don't see eye to eye, or hear ear to ear
2020-05-11Contact protocol with no known exposures
2020-04-30Feet Slide Forward In Shoes, what is going on?
2020-04-29How do I help my spouse keep up our home internet setup after I die?
2020-04-29Book rec: Magic, female protagonist discovering her power
2020-04-28WiFi's patchy- but I REALLY need WiFi today
2020-04-18No-knead bread needs non-bread flour?
2020-04-18No-knead bread needs non-bread flour?
2020-04-09Sweet potato leaves and other odd edibles
2020-04-08Help wording an email concerning new resident at assisted living home
2020-04-08Help wording an email concerning new resident at assisted living home
2020-03-27Definition of Love - do I accept it or try to talk it out?
2020-03-23Choose your own location: COVID Edition
2020-03-05Help me truly accept my partner and stop worrying about our relationship
2020-03-04How to cope with fighting with a friend
2020-02-27How to cope with fighting with a friend
2020-02-27How to cope with fighting with a friend
2020-02-26But that’s the opposite of what you said you wanted – changed mind
2020-02-19eBay question, about a bid which included a message
2020-02-13How to break the snooze button habit?
2020-02-05Career + Couples Decisionmaking Anxiety
2020-01-27Beating myself unnecessarily? A 20 year old feud reignited
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2020-01-11Please house me
2020-01-02Please recommend warm women's winter running tights with drawstring