Which comments by bluedaisy were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-17ELI5: PSLF, how to?
2021-12-17ELI5: PSLF, how to?
2021-12-07"Yet another ""travelling in the time of Covid"" question"
2021-12-03Unfortunately, it is my circus - help me make the least bad work choice
2021-11-30How do I (29F) approach a talk with my distanced sister (39F)?
2021-11-30Who gets the Thanksgiving invite
2021-11-10Finding a job in a different country: how to get started?
2021-11-08Tricky window coverings
2021-11-01How to choose the right maid of honor with some conflicting factors...
2021-10-28Women's Biking Commuting Clothing NYC
2021-10-28It's me, your best friend, Arby's!
2021-10-25Stick out a pandemic move?
2021-10-22Resources about valid boundaries
2021-10-13"Intersectional academic papers discussing ""womxn"" as a term"
2021-09-24Where are the good search engines?
2021-09-23Is it a bad idea to get over someone by getting under someone?
2021-09-23COVID travel, this time, Amtrak NE Corridor
2021-09-16Suggest a gift for new boat owner
2021-09-08Activities for learning how to let go.
2021-08-27Trekking poles instead of canes?
2021-08-18How to go to a wedding now that Delta exists
2021-08-07Blogs or social accounts of fat people doing sports/active hobbies
2021-08-07What are your best tips and tricks when researching a topic in 2021?
2021-08-05"Yet Another Delta Covid ""What-do-I-do?"" "
2021-08-04Gulf vacation on short notice?
2021-08-04fresh air and exercise
2021-07-23Best at-home workouts for abs & core that don’t depend on leg weight?
2021-07-22I've had two shots (Moderna, in March) thought I was bulletproof. Nope.
2021-07-21How to prioritize home improvements?
2021-07-20Library book with potentially valuable author's signature
2021-07-16Audiobook desperation
2021-07-15Audiobook desperation
2021-07-14How do you vent/gush about exciting info privately?
2021-07-14How do you vent/gush about exciting info privately?
2021-07-14I lost it. Now I want it to stay lost.
2021-07-12Would you repurpose this wedding band?
2021-07-08Wife was followed to parking lot by a coworker,she felt unsafe. Options?
2021-07-07Are there any dating apps that don't require serious time commitment?
2021-07-07Hair Help Desperately Needed.
2021-07-07Are there any dating apps that don't require serious time commitment?
2021-07-01Am I repeating unhealthy relationship patterns? How do I stop?
2021-06-30it seems awkward to show up empty-handed
2021-06-25Gardening: My city is turning into a desert for a week
2021-06-14Dating with your parents in mind
2021-05-28Nothing left in my tank
2021-05-12How can I grow out my bad haircut faster?
2021-05-10A Year (Or Two) Abroad?
2021-05-03Maximizing a feeling of safety in a remote location
2021-04-23Need help thinking through extreme jealousy in problematic relationship?
2021-04-19Tight v-neck + flares + wedges = much fashion
2021-04-19Smoky Mountain Recommendations (NC side)
2021-04-15How to foster a future politician/policy maker?
2021-03-29Can I overcome insomnia caused by medication without sleeping pills?
2021-03-25Arcane biographical research w/out library access
2021-03-17Indie Flicks in the Global South
2021-03-11Do I Need a New Bike to Start Commuting By Bike?
2021-03-03How to describe this color palette obsession
2021-02-04How do you constructively interact with with hypercritical people?
2021-01-11Panicking about breaking up because I want kids and she isn't sure
2021-01-04Gentle exercise routines without the gym