Which comments by bluedaisy were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-15A Tale of Two Christmases
2022-12-13when friends give you that itchy tshirt tag feeling..
2022-12-08Make me visible at night
2022-12-06Resources for a helping a friend move past some of her TERF beliefs?
2022-11-28How to leave someone you love?
2022-11-25Book for novice world travellers
2022-11-23Looking for a good Instant Pot recipe for beans for this weekend
2022-11-14Old librarian needs new job!
2022-11-07how would you want this handled?
2022-11-04Do I need a PCR test?
2022-11-04Do I need a PCR test?
2022-10-25Birthday gift ideas for 70-year-old aunt?
2022-10-25Restoring vintage tandem
2022-10-20Rituals or actions to make my big new house feel like my home?
2022-10-19Why is my mom skipping my birthday to be with her new boyfriend?
2022-10-06How to protect myself if things go south after my partner moves in?
2022-09-01Killing + replacing a large patch of weeds w/out toxins?
2022-08-31Resources for non-traditional parents?
2022-08-26dude, get out of my head.
2022-08-23I love my girlfriend but I dont feel I should marry her
2022-08-19feeling stupid, how to reframe this
2022-08-12Is it common to be charged rent when house-sitting?
2022-08-08"How do I seriously answer ""tell me about yourself?"
2022-08-08"How do I seriously answer ""tell me about yourself?"
2022-08-03wait, so I’m supposed to do ALL of this now?
2022-07-28"""Escort"" required for my upcoming endoscopy."
2022-07-19Bikefilter: is this a good choice for a first-time bike owner?
2022-07-15how to stop thinking my ex friend is better than me
2022-07-11he’s the main character in my life
2022-07-09he’s the main character in my life
2022-07-09can I write him out of my life?
2022-07-08can I write him out of my life?
2022-06-14Yellowstone Flooding - Do I need to move to a Plan B for early August?
2022-06-06Please explain these medical findings re: RA and vagus nerve stimulation
2022-05-23Fifteen minutes later, she would know the answer to her askme.
2022-05-16When should I start to worry about a friend who’s MIA?
2022-05-02How to gain closure from ambiguous loss/break up
2022-05-02I am running a 10k race on Sunday. Should I walk on Sat for an hour?
2022-05-01help me feel better about money
2022-04-28jealousy, jealousy
2022-04-28Irriitable customer leaves me feeling a little bruised
2022-04-27jealousy, jealousy
2022-04-26Sun exposure and houseplants: help me choose
2022-04-26What are some ways to think about effort, achievement and “giftedness”?
2022-04-25What is this?
2022-04-18How much can I push back on negotiating PTO?
2022-04-18How can we help libraries in the US?
2022-04-16Will mulching a whole holly tree cause widespread seedlings?
2022-04-15Am I an asshole if I block my ex?
2022-04-15Am I an asshole if I block my ex?
2022-04-11my ex-friends hate me and i can't handle it
2022-03-20Help me birthday my child from afar!
2022-03-16Help me help my girlfriend, a very sweet tax delinquent
2022-02-08How Can I Access LexisNexis Public Records?
2022-02-07Capitalization Conundrum
2022-01-18So I guess this is growing up
2022-01-14Ways to get PCR test for a resistant child other than force?
2022-01-13Ways to get PCR test for a resistant child other than force?
2022-01-10Moving to the Pacific North West, probably.
2022-01-03What do you do for leg pain when you sit down?
2022-01-03Authoritative Indoor Plant Care?