Which comments by sarajane were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-11-29Help me plan a low-stress family holiday feast...or two
2017-11-01What do you put in your quiche?
2017-10-10I want to eat all the best things without cooking or leaving my home.
2017-09-21Banner/topper for merchandiser fridge?
2017-09-12What can I make with semiprecious stone beads, other than jewelry?
2017-08-23What's the easiest way to protect a decoupaged wall?
2017-08-16How do I finish this dollhouse?
2017-08-15Teach me to dye curtains and un-grayscale my house
2017-08-02Logistics of an LDR: shuttling stuff back and forth
2017-06-14What would you pack for a breakfast picnic?
2017-04-27Can you fix the wheel on my Target office chair?
2017-03-04Move one street away or remodel house?
2017-03-03Help me trick out a new kitchen!
2017-03-02How to distress a white armoire with white chalk paint?
2017-02-13Mother/daughters day of fun, Cleveland style
2017-01-23O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How Do I Store Your Sparklies?
2017-01-19Baking up a storm
2017-01-05Would you eat it: gelatinous bone broth soup?