Which comments by Lexica were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

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2017-10-13Saving Broccoli
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2017-09-18How do I deal with my body image issues after comments during sex?
2017-08-21Drawing: Just a Little Better Than Stick Figures
2017-07-25Challenging to find a new challenge!
2017-07-25Seeking wedding resources for a low-key, reluctant, feminist bri... ugh.
2017-07-16Clash of the conflict styles: shutting down vs talking it out
2017-07-15How to post a highly-formatted fic on dreamwidth, AO3, and livejournal?
2017-07-14W(h)imsical image for a tattoo
2017-07-14Matte liquid lipstick!
2017-07-05Help me learn to end conversations
2017-07-03(Re)learn to sew?
2017-06-28Alternatives to Facebook events?
2017-06-15Rice cooker recipe request
2017-06-08Furminator - is it really bad for cats?
2017-05-05Songs about how much fun it is to sin
2017-03-11Open meadows in the East Bay?
2017-03-01How do I deal with wanting to help, but feeling like I'm losing my life.
2017-02-15Help a snakeophobe learn to live with snakes
2017-02-08How should I properly characterize my California lineage?
2017-01-26I got the Jimmy Legs
2017-01-19should this special snowflake break up with her therapist?
2017-01-17how to leave job without screwing anyone over?
2017-01-09The revolution will be sung, not televised