Which comments by oceano were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-25Rainbow infinity mirror polyhedron?
2022-12-19Browser based games that don't require commitment or much attention
2022-12-19What is your experience with private college financial aid?
2022-12-17better Windows desktop window management... for the easily distracted
2022-12-09Sigh, this doesn't suck
2022-12-04Walk me through getting Obamacare (Covered California)
2022-12-04Practising clarinet woes
2022-12-02A vegan equivalent for slow cooked meat Feijoada?
2022-11-30How to fix broken pixels on a tv screen?
2022-11-18Driving through upstate NY tomorrow (Sat 11/19)
2022-11-09I don't understand why election modeling has any validity
2022-10-29Tell me about NE Ohio
2022-10-28Tell me about NE Ohio
2022-10-23How to wash my University class jersey?
2022-10-07How do I ask about this without making people feel judged?
2022-10-04Books about pneumatic tubes...for kids
2022-10-04Books about pneumatic tubes...for kids
2022-09-25Help me come up with a Remote Work Team Social event that doesn't suck
2022-08-06Help Us Help Our Foster Kid Adult
2022-08-02How to quell my anxiety around leaving my cats for eleven days.
2022-06-06Live Zoom for Dummies - Calm Me
2022-05-30Moving boxes? Sure look pretty still to me
2022-04-04Replacement for outline.com
2022-03-18Looking for people who can help a new wheelchair user get back out there
2022-02-24How to survive 24 hours in a plane with kids.
2022-01-31How to assess Covid risk for young children?
2022-01-31How can I be a better coach for these kids?