Which comments by DrGail were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

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2018-11-04Things to think about
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2018-09-16Resources for evaluating supervisors
2018-08-20Sense check on animal wellness/animal cruelty check
2018-08-18Broken Bracelet
2018-08-09More basic knock-knock jokes please
2018-07-24HR: Do you speak it?
2018-07-09Something like a möbius strip
2018-06-27How much of my household paperwork do I still need to keep?
2018-06-10Tips for new foster dog owners
2018-05-04Do I need an electrician or just a handyman?
2018-05-01Someone used my SSN to get a job. How worried should I be?
2018-03-01Like getting blood from an very-curious stone.
2018-02-16Stop endless fluff & shedding from a second-hand machine-made scarf
2018-01-24Is my puppy too mean to my older dog?
2018-01-09How do I help my spouse as we bid farewell to a beloved dog?
2018-01-04Can I heat and eat it?