Which comments by mareli were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-11-15odd? traffic ticket in SC
2019-11-01How/where do you find community?
2019-10-28Polite response to news of death morphs into performing at funeral. Help
2019-10-02Essays/Articles That Opened Your Mind
2019-10-01Essays/Articles That Opened Your Mind
2019-09-16Strained lower back recs
2019-08-20Ideas for climate strike for young kids (Sept. 20th)
2019-08-12Looking to throw a particular type of shade - the lamp edition
2019-07-26This highway leads to the shadowy tip of reality (or NY State->Philly)
2019-05-25History of education, teaching and schools
2019-05-14Gear: Car camping edition, Canada focus
2019-03-29How to get a cleaning job with too much education but no experience?
2019-03-28Where in the US should I live (cheaply)?
2019-03-01Desire to apologize: is it to make them or myself feel better?
2019-02-08Can I Eat This, Lunch Edition